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Work-From-Home Lunches That Will Leave You Drooling

Apr 23, 2020

Working from home is a godsend when lunchtime rolls around. Being chained to your desk while consuming a soggy sandwich you’ve forgot to make the night before, is not a vibe.

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day, but as schools shut down and working from home becomes essential, the thought of eating a scrumptious midday meal is the only thing I have to look forward to during the COVID-19 chaos (don’t judge me).

If you’re new to working from home, establishing a routine is key. This includes making sure you prioritize taking a break to enjoy a nutritious meal. Nonthing complicated; perhaps it’s something you’ve made the night before or a crispy sandwich you can whip up in 20-minutes. Whatever you’re daydreaming of, I’ve decided to lend a helping hand and share a few yummy lunchtime meals I’ve been dreaming of and (attempt) whipping up in the kitchen.

Chicken and Dumpling Soup with Spring Vegetables:

Brooklyn Supper

This recipe is great if you’re looking for a little comfort in a world that’s gone topsy-turvy. It’s also perfect since it contains pantry essentials and what you don’t have can easily be substituted. It’s also a great autumn/winter meal.

Easy Chickpea Curry:

Packed with veggies and protein, this is an easy meal prep idea that you can cook beforehand and save for later. If you’re someone who loves to hear the words: “gluten-free”, then this is the recipe for you. It’s also really yummy!

Quinoa Bowls:

Avocado Chicken Salad:

Scrumptious and easy meal ready in 15 minutes? Sign me up! It’s also a great healthy meal to put together when you’re feeling a tad lazy or running around like a headless chicken in your living room.

Creamy Moroccan Tomato Soup:

If you’re going for simple and easy, there’s nothing easier than tomato soup. This creamy soup has a little bit of a twist for extra flavour. It’s also vegan, which is perfect for Meatless Mondays, am I right.

Ham and Cheese Croissants:

I’ll eat breakfast for lunch and dinner if I could, and luckily I can with this delicious recipe. It’s the perfect blend between sweet, tangy and buttery = heavenly.

Chicken Fajitas:

You could serve this for lunch or dinner. This is such a delicious and versatile meal that deserves all the accolades. The best part about it is that you can make a large batch, freeze it and serve it when you’re feeling a bit lazy, and who isn’t feeling a bit lazy these days?

Chicken Ramen:

This amazing 30-minute recipe will make you think differently about ramen and noodles in general. This 30-minute meal is packed with flavour and tons of veggies. Who said ramen couldn’t be healthy?

Egg Roll In A Bowl:

This may be the greatest lunchtime gift to yourself – egg rolls, but without the wrapper. There are so many things to love about this recipe, but my favourite is that it only takes 15 minutes to make. Add anything you’d like to your egg roll bowl to make it even yummier.

Got anymore delicious lunchtime recipes you’re willing to share? Don’t forget to comment below!

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