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5 Inspirational Podcasts Every Woman Needs

May 23, 2019

There are two things I’m currently obsessed – creating a better version of myself and not having to read all the time. Naturally, I’ve found myself drawn to podcasts and the nuggets of wisdom I’ve managed to discover while listening to a few of my favourites.

Whether it’s listening to something on my daily commute or while trying to get my daily steps in, podcasts are my preferred method of busting boredom  AND adding a sprinkle of motivation and intention to my day.

From being a boss babe to finding inner peace, here are just a few of my favourite podcasts that help inspire me daily:

1. The Lively Show:

Via Jess Lively

I’ve become a recent devotee of Jess Lively and her podcast, and it’s undoubtedly one of my favourites. Jess offers advice on how to live an intentional living through listening to your inner voice and using this in all aspects of your life, including how to budget!  I felt particularly drawn to this podcast since I’ve been wanting to cultivate my intuition this year, and along with advice, she also provides a series called Client Sessions where she helps a few of her listeners. It’s also a great listen if you’re looking to add inspiration and intention to your day.

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2. Earn Your Happy:

Lori Harder: Earn Your Happy - Podcasts
Via Lori Harder

I don’t ever think I’ll have this life thing figured out, but this podcast by Lori Harder was one of the first ones I listened to in an attempt to limit my confusion about EVERYTHING. She provides some amazing advice when it comes to overcoming mental blocks and balancing business, purpose and friends. She’s raw, straightforward, and has a few amazing guests on the show; and I’ve truly received some of the best advice from her.

Listen: Your Dreams Require This

3. Let’s Discuss:

Let's Discuss Podcast - Podcasts
Via Let’s Discuss Podcast

If you love eavesdropping, then this is the podcast for you! Kidding;  but this is an amazing podcast created by two friends, and I love the ease and chemistry between Ella and Monica (yes, we’re on first name bases). The podcast is all about wellbeing, relationships, work, and most importantly, life. I love the fact that the episodes are relatable and the emphasises the fact that we’re all just going through the same thing when we’re in our twenties.

Listen: Productivity and Procrastination

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4. The Goal Digger:

The Goal Digger - Podcasts
Via Jenna Kutcher

As a wannabe entrepreneur, this podcast is an inspiration. If you’re eager to start a business, looking for advice or motivation, then Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger podcast is your one stop shop. While I’ve only recently stumbled on this podcast, it’s been semi life changing for me, and I’ve managed to acquire a few useful insights into developing a business. Jenna talks about owning your business, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to stay motivated and have fun. She also has some amazing guests, including Tony Robbins!

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5. Own Your Magic:

Clearly, I love all the podcasts on this list, but when it comes to spirituality and tips on discovering inner bliss, this is my go-to. I discovered this podcast after searching “manifestation”, and while this isn’t the only topic that Raquelle Mantra covers, it is one of my favourites. From conquering hate to finding your soul’s purpose, Raquelle is an amazing host that provides insight and topics about owning your spirituality and allowing your inner magic to blossom.

Listen: Lacy Phillips Part 1: How to Manifest.

If you have a current podcast you’re currently obsessed with, please let me know. I’d love to add a few more to my growing list!

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